21 March 2012

Episode 9: St. Swiven's Day Bleach Beverage

Happy belated St. Swiven's Day, and happy spring break to everybody who happens to be on one of those! The Crew cut a phat show last Saturday, and a certain producer decided to tarry in posting this delicious bit of podcastery...until now! This particular episode is focused primarily on three things: 1) The emergence of yet another iPad, and various levels of interest in acquiring this fruit-flavored slate; 2) Mass Effect 3, how it fits within its own trilogy and how it stands up on its own; and most importantly 3) WHAT'S THAT APP? action!

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04 March 2012

Episode 8: ArbyQuest

On this crisp, clear edition of the Onboard NIC Crew, we get directly to the bottom of Mobile World Congress (not Conference), attempt to comprehend the mindflaying insanity that is a Start Button-less Windows OS, and debut the exciting new feature, "What's That App?" Lauren also returns after a long and lonely exile to lure away Sean and Auston, like a succubus, to a local Arby's. There's also a bit where Jeff bought a Gameboy Micro, and was then cut off when gremlins carried him away from his computer and gave him a stern talking to about wasting his money. It got crazy. Hell, considering how generally incompetent the management is, it's amazing that you're even reading this.

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19 February 2012

Episode 7: Mouth Sploosh

On this week’s passionate episode of The Onboard NIC Crew, Auston foretells the coming of the Samsung Note, Sean drops flow for a Razr with a keyboard, and Jeff uses the phrase “simple blowjobs.” The Crew also speculates on how much iOS Apple will put into Mac OS X 10.8, waves goodbye to Kodak as it swirls around the toilet bowl of shitty tech companies who stopped innovating, and unanimously agree that Pokemon is simply Call of Duty’s multiplayer stripped to its most basic elements. We also celebrate both our second ever episode with a listener question (thanks to bobhope32), and the sighting of that rarest of portable tech devices: the Kindle DX. Stay tuned for a butchering of a greeting to our Turkish listener, and some homoerotic poetry read nervously to Sean (thanks to LostLove223).

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05 February 2012

Episode 6: Itchy Butt Paper CPU

On this provocative edition of The Onboard NIC Crew, Sean returns from a near-fatal illness to avoid conversation about his new job, Auston abandons our green robotic friend for an iPhone 4S, and Jeff ponders theological Manwich meats. The Crew spends an inordinate amount of time on the Kindle Fire (what could almost be considered a review), the consolidation of the tablet market, more doom and gloom for Research in Motion, and then promptly elects to visit a local Taco Bell. We also managed to invent the Itchy Butt architecture for processors, so that was neat. Furthermore, we field our first ever listener questions! Special thanks to Sara, Clark and Greg for giving us something to talk about.

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21 January 2012

Episode 5: The Canadian Government Exposed!

We're back after a long and unexpected hiatus to bring you more quality podcast content for your earholes! This episode is down to only two members of the Crew, yet they still manage to cover everything from iBook publishing to Android OS on various tablets. Auston gets a surprise Toshiba Thrive on his doorstep, and Jeff explains the wonders of America's hat. We also chew the fat on the SOPA/PIPA legislation, and conclude with a little discussion of Wizards of the Coast's latest reboot of Dungeons and Dragons. Sorry about the shorter episode; expect more when our gang isn't half sick. 

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